Renewable Energy

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تنزيل كتالوج

Today, environmental protection issues and the frequent occurrence of extreme climates have prompted countries to consider long-term plans for energy transition in order to reduce energy pollution and improve safety (such as nuclear energy). The coming of the era of renewable energy is a trend which is as unstoppable as the emergence of electric vehicles.

Over time, technology breakthroughs and cost reductions spur the growth of the renewable energy market. Energy transformation towards renewable energy such as wind, hydropower, solar, biomass and geothermal energy is the prevailing trend.

GMORS has developed suitable rubber seal compound design according to different renewable energy application requirements, providing protection against prolonged exposure to the ultraviolet degradation effects of sunlight, with resistance to ozone, salt spray and other extreme environments. GMORS application team uses finite element analysis (FEA) to simulate sealing applications, optimize seal design and engineering performance along with customer verification, developing seals that can achieve low friction, zero leakage and ease of installation with extended service life.