HiPerLip®- Rotary PTFE Lip Seals with metal casing

HiPerLip® is a rotary shaft seal with a PTFE sealing lip. It is ideal for sealing high-speed rotary applications with very low friction and minimal power draw to achieve better performance, higher response, and precision. Thanks to excellent PTFE compounds and the unique sealing lip construction, the HiPerLip® provides superior performance over conventional rotary oil seals, especially in high rotary, poorly lubricated, highly corrosive, high temperatures, and other extreme working environments. Typical temperatures range from -60°C to 200°C (-76°F to 390°F), and shaft speeds up to 60 m/s (11,800 fpm) for low pressure applications. 

The radial contact pressure of the HiPerLip® sealing lip produces leak tight sealing action on the shaft. This is achieved by a combination of correct PTFE seal lip geometry, static seal (gasket), precise steel casing and forming process. For special sizes or high corrosion environment, 100% PTFE can be used without any steel casing. The interference is compliant with that specified in DIN 3760, ensures static sealing between steel casing of HiperLip® and the seal housing. Our standard steel casing material is mild steel (SPCD) but other materials like stainless steel (JIS SUS 304, DIN 1.4301) are available upon request. 

For leak critical applications, a threaded PTFE sealing lip (a spiral groove machined into the seal lip) on the medium side, can provide a hydrodynamic pumping effect.


  • Suitable for high speed and low to medium pressure applications.
  • Very low break-out and dynamic friction even after long down-times.
  • Excellent service life due to abrasive resistant lip compounds.
  • Nearly versatile chemical resistance (depending on seal lip and steel casing material choice).
  • Suitable for short-term dry running and long-term poorly lubricated conditions



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Most users in the past are familiar with sealing components such as oil seals, O-Rings and conventional packings. However, with the advancement of industrial automation, most of existing materials are no longer able to meet requirements. PTFE owns the advantage of low coefficient of friction, making it the candidate for low break-out and low friction applications. Furthermore, PTFE seals designed with alloy springs can be adopted in either high or cryogenic temperature. Spring and O-Ring energized PTFE seals, therefore, become one of the most popular sealing solution for all industries.